Cellphone Battery Replacement: What You Don’t Know

The Galaxy S6 cellphone model of Samsung is considered as among the most cutting-edge smartphones ever made. It is equipped with 2,550mAh-rated fixed battery, a totally game changer from preceding versions which enabled owners to change batteries. With no ability to remove batteries, the battery replacement for S6 becomes a lot harder.
A latest study showed that the normal US citizen spends 90 mins of time on a smartphone per day, and this does not help the battery of S6 because it is not meeting potentials according to reviews of users. When your S6 is not holding anymore its charge then follow these steps:
• Deactivate Micro-App Services – Micro-App services are applications that run at the background which drain your battery. To deactivate unused applications, download a deactivator app.
• Deactivate Location Reporting – When you don’t want Google to store and collect the location data of your cellphone, open the setting of Google Location Reporting and just deactivate “Location History” and “Location Reporting” on the S6.
• Deactivate Location Services – Enabling the location services of a cellphone can bring so many benefits such as finding a stolen or lost cellphone, however you will want to deactivate if when its draining your cellphone’s battery. To prolong and save your cellphone, it’s recommended that you change the setting “mode” to a setting “battery saving”.
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